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Aircraft Carriers
YOU ARE HERE: FULL WEB DIRECTORY > Issues > Military > Wars over the millenia > Veterans > Organizations > Navy Units > Ships > Aircraft Carriers
Aircraft Carrier Study Group
U.S. carriers, CV-1 thru CVN-76. We highlight only the past history of 51 decommissioned carriers and present operations of the 12 active carriers.Three new pages are posted weekly. Over 110 pages available on line.
Aircraft Carriers of Viet Nam
Images and histories of the aircraft carriers that fought in the Tonkin Gulf, 1964 thru 1975
Midway Joe's Navy
Aircraft Carrier USS Midway CV-41 and many of the ships that operated with her. Lots of photos, text and sound bites.
Ship n Planes
A pictorial essay of a day in the life of a WWII "Airdale."
The Aircraft Carrier Memorial Association
Engraved is the name of every Aircraft Carrier from USS Langley CV-1 to USS John C. Stennis CVN-74, funded by donations from the many friends of the Navy and former Carrier Shipmates.
The USS Lexington CV-16 WWII
Veterans of WWII stories of war times in the pacific fleet photographs ship logs diaries
US Navy Official History of Carriers
Excellent "official" site, broken down into five categories. Includes histories of all the carriers, many photos, excellent chronological history of the carrier Navy.
USS (PCU) Harry S. Truman (CVN 75)
USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72)
USS America (CVA/CV-66) Carrier Veterans Association
Keeping the America spirit alive long after her decommissioning
USS Belleau Wood
Reunion and locator information for former shipmates of CVL-24 and LHA-3.
USS Bennington (CV/CVA/CVS-20)
USS Bennington CV/CVA/CVS-20 Her history and her crew 1944 - 1994.
USS Bon Homme Richard (CV/CVA-31)
Information and history
USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA-31)
USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70)
USS Constellation
USS Coral Sea Tribute Page
A site dedicated to the aircraft carrier USS Coral Sea CV-43. A brief History, a lot of pictures and some memorabilia. Open to collecting anything Coral Sea for all to enjoy.
USS Cowpens (CVL-25) 'The Mighty Moo'
Home port of the World War II Independence class aircraft carrier USS Cowpens, CVL-25. The 'Mighty Moo' saw some of the fiercest Pacific Theater fighting from '43 to '45.
USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69)
USS Enterprise (CV-6)
The most decorated ship of the Second World War, Enterprise changed the very course of a war she seemed to have been expressly created for.
USS Enterprise (CVN-65)
USS Enterprise (CVN-65)
Welcome to AO3 Smitty's Enterprise Page. 75 high-quality photos take you on a tour inside the ship and out on the flight deck.
USS Enterprise - Two Plant Propulsion Losers
Official website of the USS Enterprise Two Propulsion Plant "Losers" including Reactor Department and Engineering Department Personnel: RM22, RC22, RE22, EM22.
USS Essex (LHD-2/CV/CVA/CVS-9)
USS Essex Association Home page for all active and retired sailors who have served or are presently serving aboard USS ESSEX CV/CVA/CVS-9/LHD-2.
USS Forrestal
The ship's history and information.
USS Forrestal (CV-59) Association
Sponsored by the USS Forrestal Association, Inc., former crew members, embarked airwing personnel, and Marines who formerly served onboard the ship are encouraged to contribute where they can.
USS George Washington (CVN 73)
USS Hancock (CV/CVA-19)
USS Hancock Association
USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75)
USS Harry S. Truman Commemorative edition of Commissioning Ceremony
USS Hornet (CV/CVA/CVS-12)
Everything you wanted to know about the aircraft carrier known as The Grey Ghost. Search the Crew List for former crew members. Also see what is currently happening with this grand ship.
USS Hornet Museum
Silently guarding the Shores of Alameda Point, California, the USS Hornet stands 40,000 tons of History. The most distinguished aircraft carrier combat record of World War II is also the ship that picked up the Apollo 11 & 12 Astronauts on their return flights from the moon.
USS Independence (CVA/CV-62) Association
USS Independence CV62
A place where all who served on board can find friends and leave messages.
USS Intrepid (CV/CVA/CVS-11)
Dedicated to the more than 50,000 Sailors and Marines who served on the U.S.S. Intrepid from 1943 to 1974 and to the memory of those who did not return from war. May they rest in peace in the oceans depths.
USS Intrepid Association
The USS Intrepid Association for former crewmembers.
USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74)
USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67)
USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63)
USS Kittyhawk Veterans Association
USS Lake Champlain (CV-39)
History of USS Lake Champlain CV-39.
USS Lake Champlain (CVS-39) - Unofficial site
Photos, history, crew list, links to other Navy sites
USS Lexington (CV-2) Memorial Page
USS Lexington CV-2 Memorial Homepage. This page is dedicated to John B.Brandt USN (Ret.)and all the men who fought, served or died aboard her.
USS Lexington Aircraft Carrier Museum
USS Lexington Aircraft Cariier Museum on the Bay in Corpus Christi, Texas.
USS Long Island (CVE-1) Association
Information on the World War II escort carrier that served as the model for the 'baby flattops'. Contacts for shipmates, reunion information and links to picture and historical sites.
USS Midway, CV-41
This site contains a complete ship's history, specifications, patches, souvenirs and several photo galleries.
USS Nimitz (CVN-68)
the lead ship of America's primary class of aircraft carriers. The consumate warship, Nimitz is 95,000 tons of diplomacy, 4.5 acres of sovereign U.S. territory where we need it, when we need it.
USS Oriskany
Homepage for the de-commissioned USS Oriskany (CV/CVA-34) and the Oriskany Museum, Oriskany Reunion Association.
USS Oriskany (CVA-34)
USS Oriskany (CVA-34)
USS Petrof Bay (CVE-80)
A page dedicated to all who served on and from the Escort Carrier USS Petrof Bay CVE-80.
USS Ranger (CV-61)
USS Ranger (CVA-61)
Navy photos and information about the Ranger.
USS Ranger CV-A 61
This website is dedicated to all the sailors who have served aboard this fine ship. A ship's history, photos and long lost shipmates can be found here
USS Ranger CV-A 61 1957-1993
Official home page for the USS Ranger. Inside are pictures, information and an extensive database of former shipmates.
USS Ranger Museum, Saving Ranger from the Cutting Torch!
Join the USS Ranger Museum Foundation in saving the USS Ranger CV-61 as a museum and Naval Memorial.
USS Ranger OI Division
Memories of service aboard USS Ranger in the OI Division 1969 - 1973.
USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76)
Being built by Newport News Shipbuilding in Newport News, Virginia.
USS Saratoga (CV-3/CV/CVA-60) Association
Home of the USS Saratoga Association.
USS Shangri-La (CVA-38) Reunion Association
Photos, ships store and a place to get re-acquainted with former shipmates.
USS Sicily (CVE-118)
Homepage to the Escort Carrier USS Sicily CVE-118.
USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71)
USS Ticonderoga (CV/CVA/CVS-14/CG-47)
Official Website of the USS Ticonderoga Veterans Association.
USS Valley Forge (CV-45/CVA-45/CVS-45/LPH-8)
Jake's Reflections offers a brief history and a photo album of ship-board life taken from the Happy Valley's 1955 cruise log.
USS Yorktown (CV-5/CVS-10)
Pictures and history of the USS Yorktown and the battles of Coral Sea and Midway.

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